Durham 10oz  ceramic mugs have a design area of 19cm x 8cm

You can use the whole area for your image:


Or you can have, say, an image on one side and lettering/logo or second image on the reverse. If you do this, make the main point of interest on the right hand side as this is the most visible when the mug is used.

Another option is vignette style – crinkly or faded out edges. This can be on one side, both sides, or across the middle…

If you need advice, get in touch and we will be happy to help.


When selecting artwork or photo, choose the best quality highest resolution you can and send it to us as a JPG, PNG or TIFF file. We can crop the image to a rectangular, circular or oval shape (rectangular usually works best, but if in doubt give us an image with plenty of cropping space around it and we’ll experiment).

If you would like to commission a watercolour sketch for your mug, contact us for a quote.